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Billing: Frequently Asked Questions

General Billing Questions
Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?
Your agent should be your first contact; however, if you are unable to reach your agent you can contact our Billing Department at 800-842-5032, Option 1.

What are the methods of payments?
We will accept check (paper & e-checks), money order, Visa/MasterCard/Discover credit cards, Visa/MasterCard debit cards.
Payments can be accepted...

  • Online: 

  • Phone:       
    Call 1-800-842-5032 and Dial 1 for the Billing Department
    Weekdays between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M

  • Mail:           
    Farmers Insurance Company of Flemington
    PO Box 452, Three Bridges, NJ  08887

Where do I send an Overnight Payment?
Farmers Insurance Company of Flemington
23 Royal Road, Suite 100
Flemington, NJ 08822

How will refunds be handled?
All refunds for cancellations, endorsements, and overpayments will be mailed to the policyholder via a Farmers of Flemington issued check.

Online Billing Questions
What internet browser do I need?
We actively support the following browsers but most browsers should allow functionality for making payments:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Is paying on-line safe? 
Making payments on-line is actually safer and more dependable than paying by mail.  This system uses cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that only those approved by you can have access to your confidential information.

Why is my e-mail address required on the payment page? 
Your e-mail address will be used to send you a final confirmation of your payment or notify you of problems processing your payment.  We will not release your e-mail address information to outside parties.

How will I know my payment has been received?
After you have submitted your payment, a confirmation notice appears on the screen as well as one sent to your email address.  Initially, your online invoice will display the payment status as “Pending”.  Once the transaction has been completed between the financial institutions, your payment status will change to “PAID” – this usually takes no longer than 48 hours.

What is my confirmation number?
Your personal confirmation number is very important. The confirmation number is used to track the process of your on-line payment.

Is there a fee for making online payments?

Will I have access to past invoices and payment histories?
Yes.  For users of our “Pay Now” option, the last 5 invoices and payments will be available; for “Enrolled” users, we maintain 24 months of invoices and payments.

Can I pay any amount?
Yes.  You can pay any portion of the installment amount or total amount due.

What happens if I make my payment on a weekend or holiday?
Your payment will be processed and posted on the next banking business day.

What occurs if I obtain a message alerting me my payment was not processed?
Successful submissions will be confirmed on the screen and via e-mail.  Problems with payment submission will prompt an immediate alert on the screen and you will be informed that your payment did not process.  You will be given a reason for the failed submission, i.e., incorrect account information; approval was not obtained from your financial institution, etc.  Once you are alerted of the reason for the error, make the necessary correction(s) and resubmit payment.  If we receive a chargeback from your financial institution, your will be assessed a $30.00 fee.

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